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ICOI Fellowship Preparation Course

Our program is designed to help you take your skills to the next level and achieve success as a dentist.
By the end of the Course, you'll have completed the requirements of the ICOI Fellowship Criteria and gained invaluable experience that you can immediately apply in your own practice. 

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Dr. Lee



New York University College of Dentistry


Dr. Joo


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Boston University School of Dental Medicine


"Becoming a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) not only boosted my confidence in implant placement but also transformed me into a proficient dental practitioner."

- Dr. Ryan S. Lee, DDS, FICOI

FICOI Preparation Course Package

If you're looking to enroll in ICOI and add the FICOI credentials to your name, Linkstone has a package to assist you with the whole process from making certain you place the correct number of implants to assisting with documentation and applications.

The FICOI Preparation Course Package includes:

1️⃣.  1-DAY Course: Place implants in live patients, start the application, and document your first cases.

2️⃣.  3-DAY Course: To ensure you have the correct number of cases ready to go with your application.

3️⃣.  1-DAY Course: To finalize any loose ends, review and submission of your application.

Course Price = $ 15,995

(Includes Material Fee)

1️⃣   1-DAY Live Surgery Course

1-DAY Live Surgery Course:  8AM - 5PM     (8 hours)

You will have the opportunity to put what you've learned into practice. All cases will be treatment planned with faculty members and students together. This will allow for more personalized guidance as you place implants and perfect your technique. To ensure that you receive individualized attention, one mentor will be assigned per operatory. 
Lunch will be provided by the Academy. 

2️⃣   3-DAY Live Surgery Course

3-DAY Live Surgery Course:  8AM - 5PM     (24 hours)

Hotel and Flight Tickets are not included: Doctors have to buy their tickets.

By the end of the course, You have...
  • Learned how to make Treatment Planning with CBCT 
  • Learned where to place implants under the faculty's guidance
  • Learned Direct Surgical Implant Placement
  • Learned Single, Immediate Implant Placement
  • Learned GBR / Sinus Lift, PRF
  • The location will be either Santiago, Dominican Republic, or Tampa, FL. 

3️⃣  1-DAY Analyzing Course

1-DAY Analyzing Course:  (2-4 hours)

  • Finalize any loose ends and receive feedback.
  • ​Review Cases and Discuss them together with faculties.
  • Ask any questions from your practice from 
  • Submission of your application. ​


International Congress of Oral Implantologists

4 Requirements

1. 20 Completed Implant cases.

      - 1 Patient count as 1 Case:   (Regardless of number of implants).
      - All cases
must be ≥ 1 year old from Implant Placement.

      - A Restoration can be included as a separate case.

a. Candidates who place and restore implants: Each patient is one case regardless of the number of implants however a restoration can be included as a separate case.

b. Please provide a listing of twenty (20) successfully completed implant cases (surgery and restoration) all of which must be at least one (1) year old from implant placement. All materials should be submitted to the ICOI. There are three ways to submit your application: email to, fax to (973) 783-1175 or mail to the ICOI Central Office.

2. 100 ≥ hours of Implant education (either attending in person or completing courses online)

= Provide documentation of completion of one hundred (100) hours or more of implant education (either attending in person or completing courses on-line) in the preceding five (5) years.

3. Letter of Recommendation.

= Provide a letter of recommendation from a current ICOI Fellowship, ICOI Mastership, ICOI Diplomate or member of ICOI’s Advanced Credentials Committee.

4. Curriculum Vitae (Resume).

= Submit a current Curriculum Vitae (resume).

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