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"I started my Linkstone Academy experience with Dr. Lee, who is very experienced and knowledgeable. 
He is not only an expert at teaching us, but he also thinks from students' perspective to see what is the best way for us to get improved. Other faculties (Dr. Nahm & Dr. Joo) guided me as well in an organized way. They were always ready to help me feel more comfortable in placing implants. ... This is my third time attending Linkstone Courses, and I will be attending more!" 


"1-Day Live Surgery Course was very good."

I have attended Linkstone Academy several times before and I felt that I learned a lot from this academy! The 1-Day Live Surgery Course was very good; I have placed 7 implants, and I'm excited to use these skills at my clinic! The courses were prepared well, and the instructors were absolutely excellent. After taking courses, I feel definitely more confident! Also, I would absolutely recommend this course to other students!

Dr. Sh*****in

"All instructors were super knowledgeable."

Today was great. All of our instructors they were super knowledgeable. We felt like we were in good hands. We were being taught the right things, how to do things the right way, instead of just kind of blind leading the blind. That felt really nice. 

Dr. H*****

"Such a great experience."

It’s a great experience. Everyone seems to be very knowledgeable and it’s a very family like atmosphere. 

I would love to attend the course in the future once more.

Dr. B*****

"Dr. Lee is very responsible and professional."

I attended the Linkstone Implant Academy more than 3 times to learn implant surgery more. I was recommended by my peer dentist for this academy. My first impression was that faculties were very responsible and professional, and also willing to teach with 100% effort. Facilities are also nice including CBCT scans. Overall, I felt great about this course and feel confident about placing immediate implants. I would recommend this academy to my friends as well.

Dr. S****g

"I traveled from DC to take this course."

I met Dr. Lee before through HiOssen Implant's live seminar, where Dr. Lee was an instructor. After that, I decided to travel from Washington DC to take this course to learn placing implants from Dr. Lee. All faculties including Dr. Joo, Dr. Nahm, and Dr. Lee were very knowledgeable and learned a lot of techniques from them. I felt more confident after taking this course, and I hope I could attend this live surgery course again in the future! 

Dr. Ch****g

"Dr. Joo is excellent to work with."

Well, today has been a great day. We were getting a lot of patients in here. Dr. Joo is excellent to work with. For the price point, I think it’s hard to beat a class like this. Live patients, very understanding with our skill levels and you know, whether that means you placed an implant or a lot of implants. I think this is a very valuable course for me. 

Dr. J*****

Reviews are from doctors who participated in Live Day Surgery at Linkstone Implant Academy.

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