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How do I register the course?

Simply, you could just press "Register the Course" and select the course you want to attend. You will follow the directions and will submit the form. Then, you will be registered! As a Reminder, no charges will be made until our Academy Coordinator verifies with you the course and the pricing. Any questions regarding Implant Academy, you can contact our administrator directly. Our Administrator Email:

What is provided during the course?

The only tool that you need to bring is loupes. The patients will be provided at the academy. All the surgery equipment (e.g. implants, machines, CBCT scan) will be provided at the academy. Breakfast (including Snacks & Coffee) and lunch will be provided.

Can I bring my assistant to the course?

Of course, you are welcome to bring your own staff/assistants. There will be no additional fee for your staff/assistants.

I have other things to do on the date. How do I get a refund? 

We truly understand something can happen in our life. A refund will be issued right away if you choose not to take a course. However, we ask you to inform us at least 2 weeks before ahead so that we can fill up the spots for other waiting dentists. To ask for a refund for the courses, please email (, who is our administrator for the course.

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