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Mar. 2022 - 1-Day Live Surgery Course

On March 26, 2022, we placed over 11 implants with #Ditrondental implants. Michael Gendron, a Rep. from Ditron Dental USA., has been helping all our doctors place implants!

Dr. Lee, Dr. Nahm, and Dr. Joo attended as instructors.

Dr. Mikhail Shulkin, Dr. Jiangyun Sheng, Dr. WooYoung Chang, and Dr. Jenny Kye attended to learn more implants at our academy!

Special appreciation to Dr. WooYoung Chang and Dr. Jenny Kye for traveling from Washington D.C. only to take this course.

**Pictures are doing the lectures at the Linkstone Implant Academy. ***Dr. Nahm took a picture with his students: Dr. Shulkin and Dr. Sheng. ****Dr. Joo took a picture with his students: Dr. Chang and Dr. Kye.

Courses are accredited by AGD (Academy of General Dentistry).




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