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Thank You
for Registering for Our Course!

Reminder: No Charges are made at this point

Our Coordinator will be in touch with you to confirm the following courses and the pricing.

We will ONLY charge for the course AFTER we CONFIRM the pricing with you.

If you have any questions or concerns,

please do not hesitate to reach out to
+1 (508) 470-0034 (Text/Call) or
Email (

Two Emails will be in your Email Inbox (Thank you Email and Receipt Email Separately).

Disclaimer: Please be advised that no charges shall be made to your credit card by Linkstone Implant Academy, LLC. prior to the explicit confirmation of course enrollment and fee agreement. This confirmation will be personally conducted by our Academy Coordinator, Michael Gendron, who will contact you and confirm the course and pricing. Only upon obtaining your informed consent regarding the course details and associated pricing, as communicated by Mr. Gendron, will any charge be processed to your credit card.

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